Monday, October 2, 2017

Welcome to Donovan's Musical Dreams

Happy October!  I am thrilled to start Donovan's Musical Dreams to help facilitate sharing with my music colleagues around the country.  I'll be posting files here to share lesson and curriculum ideas.  I will also be including files from workshops so participants can download them easily.

My name is Jennifer Donovan, and I've been teaching elementary music since 1994.  The past 18 years I've been lucky enough to a part of the staff at Clear Creek Elementary in Shawnee, Kansas.  Clear Creek is a part of the USD 232 DeSoto Public Schools.

Last week in the Clear Creek music room, 2nd graders had the opportunity to build rhythms using quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes with partners.  I got the idea for the rhythm blocks from Thom Borden, and I ordered them on Amazon.  Here's the link. Wooden 1 inch blocks.


  1. That's cool. Hope your kiddos love them as much as mine. Best wishes in your writing! :) We are all looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I love the idea with the blocks! I ordered them and I am ready to write on them. Did you draw something different on each of the 6 sides or just quarter, eights, and quarter rest?